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What Musikvergnuegen can do for your brand.

Musikvergnuegen is one of the leading pioneers in audio branding and experiential audio design. We have produced a prominent repertoire of the leading sound logos over the last two decades, most notably the “Intel Inside Bong”, which has been valued as one of the most effective media buys of all time. The mnemonic is now considered a central component to Intel’s brand DNA, and represents one of the heights of Musikvergnuegen’s accomplishments. Nevertheless, our consistent history of success does not replace our focus on innovation and research based techniques that have pushed us to the forefront of the audio advertising world.

We’ve revolutionized the marketplace with our benchmark sonic branding.

Including mnemonics for Intel - the most performed audio branding mnemonic and melody in broadcast history - Samsung, LG, T-Mobile, IBM, and many more. We combine in-depth research and testing with over 25 years of experience, to give brands and agencies the expertise needed to bring a company or brand's voice to the world.  

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