Author: The JT LeRoy Story movie poster. Green and pink with two women's faces
Film Score
Back Fork Movie Poster with Main characters
Back Fork
Film Score
Angelina Jolie with the movie titles Taking Lives over her.
Taking Lives
Main Titles
Hellraiser Inferno Movie poster with the main character, pin head on the front
Main Titles
Eraser movie poster with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the front
Main Titles
The devil and daniel johnston movie poster. illustrated man playing guitar
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Music Score
Lost Angels Movie Poster with map of skid row. A documentary about skid row.
Lost Angels: Skid Row
Film Score
The Hunted Movie poster with the main character in a forest
The Hunted
Film Score
Mimic 2 movie poster. flaring green light
Mimic 2
Main Titles

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