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Immerse your brand in the power of sound with our innovative audio branding services. We create unique audio identities that echo your brand, engage your audience, and propel growth. Our sonic signatures amplify your attributes, evoke emotions, and ensure your brand is remembered. Let’s cut through the market noise and make your brand heard. Experience the magic of audio branding with us and join the ranks of Intel, Samsung, MGM, and AT&T who have amplified their brands with MusikV’s innovative approach. Experience a significant ROI as we deliver conceptually brilliant and problem-solving audio solutions. Let’s make your brand sound as remarkable as it is.

Intel Logo for audio masterbrand


Masterbrand Mnemonic
Space shuttle blasting off through Intel logo
Experience Amazing
The AT&T sonic logo redefined by MusikV
Sonic Logo
TD Ameritrade Logo
TD Ameritrade
Audio Branding
Verbund Logo with windmill for Verbund commercial with audio mnemonic
Audio Branding
White screen with red lettering of Vienna 2020 Capitol of Music, Vienna

All Ears on Vienna

Capitol of Music - Hans Zimmer
Sony's 3000 Pictures Movies Studio Logo with audio by MusikV
3000 Pictures
Film Studio Audio Logo
Pindrop  Logo
Audio Mnemonic
Epix Network Logo
Brand Anthem Mnemonic
Curiosity Stream Logo
Curiosity Stream
Audio Branding
Man on bike at crosswalk with a EuroDreams billboard
Eurodreams Lottery
Audio Branding
The UPS Store Logo
Audio Branding
Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast Logo
Twenty Thousand Hertz
Walter Werzowa on Branding
LG Brand Logo
Audio Branding
Fairlife Logo
Audio Branding
Universal AT logo
Universal at
Audio Branding
T Mobile Logo
Audio Branding
Ja! Naturlich Logo and pig for Audio Branding
Ja! Naturlich
Audio Branding
Samsung Logo
Audio Branding
UC Health Logo
UC Health
Audio Branding
Morawa Logo
Audio Branding
Neuroth Logo
Audio Branding
Eveready Logo
Audio Branding
Christie Vive Audio Logo
Christie Vive Audio
Audio Branding
Fox Sports Logo
Fox Sports
Audio Branding
Legendary Pictures Film Studio Logo
Legendary Pictures
Film Studio Logo
Back 9 Golf Network Logo
Back 9 Network
Audio Branding
National Geographic Explorer Logo
National Geographic
Optimum Wifi Logo
Optimum WiFi
Audio Branding
Humana Logo
Audio Branding
Huawei Logo
Audio Branding
Verizon Fios Logo
Verizon Fios
Audio Branding
Nextel Logo
Audio Branding
Paramount Channel Logo
ParaMount Channel
Network Logo
Red Bull Mobile Logo
Red Bull Mobile
Audio Branding
Discovery Science Logo next to a robotic nautilus
Discovery Science
Network Sonic Branding
Mimran Schur Pictures Logo
Mimran Schur
Film Studio Logo
Comedy Central Logo
Comedy Central
Network Sonic Branding
Red Granite Pictures Logo
Red Granite
Film Studio Logo
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Logo
Buena Vista
Film Studio Logo
Astral Media Logo
Astral Media
Audio Branding
Nickelodeon Movies Logo
Nickelodeon Movies
Film Studio Logo
Toyota Trucks Logo
Toyota Trucks
Audio Branding
TBS Logo Very Funny
Network Sonic Branding
HLN Logo News and Views
Network Sonic Branding
BauMax Logo
Audio Branding
Kopelson Entertainment Logo
Kopelson Entertainments
Film Studio Logo
U.S. Cellular Logo
US Cellular
Audio Branding
Sony Digital Cinema 4k Logo
Sony Digital Cinema 4K
Audio Branding
DTS Logo
Audio Branding
CBS Films Logo
CBS Films
Studio Logo
EA Active Logo
EA Active
Audio Branding
Turtle Beach Logo
Turtle Beach
Audio Branding
Fox Sports Soccer Logo
Fox Soccer Channel
Audio Branding
Sanyo Logo
Audio Branding
GM Goodwrench Logo
GM Goodwrench
Audio Branding
Lifetime Movie Network Logo
Lifetime Network
Audio Branding
Coming Soon to Theaters menu
Coming Soon
Delta Airlines Logo
Audio Branding
Avaya Telecommunications Logo
Audio Branding
Gorton's Fisherman Logo
Audio Branding
Breaking News Animation
Network Sonic Branding
The Orchard Music Distribution Logo
The Orchard
Film Studio Logo
Pantene Pro-V Logo
Love Your Hair

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