Bohemian Rhapsod.AI

Introducing BohemianRhapsod.AI
An interactive choir of 16 AI-generated “Freddie Mercury” characters, animated with voice-to-video technology in honor of Bohemian Rhapsody’s innovative legacy.
This labor of love represents fan art for the age of generative AI, showcasing the potential for new technology to enhance and augment human creativity and artistic abilities in incredible ways.

In 1975, Queen’s iconic hit Bohemian Rhapsody crushed expectations, transcended genres and redefined the very idea of rock n’ roll. This project celebrates the song’s innovative legacy and lasting impact on music and art. It emphasizes the necessity for innovation to enhance and augment human creativity and artistic expression.

Bohemian Rhapsod.AI represents a new era of possibility, where the boundaries between humans and machines are blurred: the images of Freddie Mercury were generated with Midjouney v5 and prompted in the style of the legendary rock music photographer Mick Rock who took the original cover photo for the song.

The project is a collaboration between awesomenessness, Dinahmoe AB, and MusikVergnuegen, with the fantastic vocals of Galeazzo Frudua.

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