Beethoven X: The AI Project

Beethoven's 10th Symphony

Michael Schuld (Head of TV & Entertainment, Deutsche Telekom) and Dr. Matthias Roeder (Harvard University) were searching for an innovative and technologically creative challenge, a riddle that only artificial intelligence could solve. They agreed on an almost impossible task, taking the musical sketches and thoughts Ludwig van Beethoven left us and crafting them into a symphony that could have originated from Beethoven himself.

Sint ratione incidunt vero nemo perspiciatis error et excepturi minus.

Illo quos omnis. Et et blanditiis saepe. Consectetur est libero alias et nam. Earum et molestias nam sit quasi provident.

Beethoven left us with a quest - The Maestro started to work on his 10th symphony before he passed and left us with so little thematic material that only AI could respectfully and authentically develop it further. Michael Schuld and Dr. Matthias Roeder turned to the leading experts in their fields to take on this challenge, Ahmed Elgammal (AI Rutgers University), Mark Gotham (Computational Music Theory Cornell University), Robert Levin (Harvard/Julliard), and Walter Werzowa (USC.) On October 9, 2021, this monumental work will premiere in Bonn, Germany, performed by The Beethoven Orchestra under Dirk Kaftan, featuring Cameron Carpenter. The performance will broadcast live, and the second performance, October 27, takes place in the incredible Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

Listen to the recording of Beethoven X:The AI Project: III Scherzo. Allegro Trio. Walter Werzowa, Beethoven, Bonn Orchestra, Dirk Kaftan.

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