What MusikV can do for Your Brand

What MusikV can do for Your Brand

What MusikVergnuegen can do for Your Brand

Musikvergnuegen is one of the leading pioneers in audio branding and experiential audio design. We have produced a prominent repertoire of the leading sound logos over the last two decades, most notably the “Intel Inside Bong”, which has been valued as one of the most effective media buys of all time. The mnemonic is now considered a central component to Intel’s brand DNA, and represents one of the heights of Musikvergnuegen’s accomplishments. Nevertheless, our consistent history of success does not replace our focus on innovation and research based techniques that have pushed us to the forefront of the audio advertising world. It is no wonder that our cutting-edge approach has been studied in university theses.

The three keys to our vision

Media buy savings

An audio mnemonic, in its pure essence, is simply a short media buy, but its versatility and memorability exemplify its purpose. There are few alternative mediums that exist, which have as effective of an impact as a mnemonic with just as much versatility. Over the last decades, the growing shift towards dynamic and interactive media has developed the market for diverse content, most of which require audio. The popularity of audio has risen with the evolution of technology; audio is everywhere. This evident trend demonstrates the potential and necessity for an audio brand, which can both be used as an end tag for a full advert or a stand alone branded effort for quick promotions. The shape of advertising is evolving quickly, but the necessity and multi-case use of an audio brand is not, and it is this versatility that propels the ROI of a mnemonic.

Brand recognition

The ultimate purpose of a mnemonic is to build lasting relationships and positive associations with consumers. The lasting effects of a mnemonic are conveyed through its exposure, which is provided by the versatility of its form. The ability to pair the sound tag to every campaign or advertising efforts fosters its ability to grow with the history and reputation of the brand. The more this audio panacea is pushed; the more it “sticks” to the subconscious of a consumer. This enables brand recognition and identity. It ties itself together with each and every campaign, rather than leaving each effort as a standalone endeavor. It reduces the need to string together unconnected campaigns by leading each effort to the same audio tag, building an image rather than starting from a blank state, which reduces creative effort required and promotes project unity. The singular mnemonic is given the authority to represent the brand, providing a mental heuristic when consumers are faced with decisions.

Differing from the competition

Musikvergnuegen does not seek to compete with our competitors. Our intention is to innovate and evolve the world of advertising as it currently stands. We do not seek to stand on our history, but rather we aspire to pioneer the future of audio branding. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, but rather we consider every aspect of a brand when meticulously composing their sound DNA. The success of our branding efforts is not our reputation. It is our drive for uniqueness. All our pieces are tailored by composers that love to blend theoretical research, experimental design, and market analysis to develop tenacious and effective audio components that represent a unique brand’s DNA.

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