Why have a Mnemonic?

Mnemonics, also known as signations, are a powerful sonic device that push brand awareness and attachment. A sound logo is more than just a beautiful melody and a three second media buy. It is the quintessential audio representation of a brand. The power of a mnemonic should not be take lightly, as it can harness brand loyalty by cultivating a relationship between the consumer and the brand. The end goal of any advertisement effort is ROI, and an audio logo draws on the power of heuristics, pushing consumers to develop preferences for one brand over another.

What is an Audio Mnemonic?

An audio mnemonic is the pinnacle of audio branding. Even with the current trend in experiential audio campaigns, the heart of any audio branding experience is the sonic logo. It is a short media buy that represents the soul of a company. It gives intention and identity to any campaign effort, and ties in all past efforts at boosting the product. The mnemonic is a part of a brand’s DNA that carries with it all characteristics and feelings that the brand represents. The sonic logo is intended to be pushed consistently so that it can effectively develop a spot in the subconscious of the consumer, leading to quicker and easier decision making by consumers.

Audio has many potential touchpoints and one of the fundamental advantages of a sonic logo is its versatility.

Audio has many potential touchpoints, which promotes the use of new alternative media to reach consumers. This is crucial in the 21st century, where most touchpoints with consumers involve dynamic or interactive media. Dynamic media usually involves sound, which makes audio branding essential to any modern advertising campaign. However, there is also a new rise in non visual dynamic content. With the dwindling of the radio, one of the most successful and new mediums for sonic branding is advertising through Podcasts, which has more than doubled in listeners over the last six years.

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