What is Audio Branding

What is Audio Branding

What is audio branding

Audio branding is the process of getting instant brand recognition through audio devices. In other words, it is a deliverable audio solution that conveys a brand’s identity. These devices enable brands to establish a relationship between their identity and their consumers, which has direct effects on brand recognition and ROI.

Why is audio branding important now?

Sound is the new market. With the constant developments to technology, consumer's have shifted toward consuming dynamic rather than static content. Audio is playing a key role in this new form of content at an increasing rate. Ten years ago, facebook’s content was nearly all text based, and now it has visibly moved towards video and other dynamic forms of content. These new platforms and mediums of delivering content have been wonderful for delivering short media buys to key consumers, which is the optimal placement for mnemonics. Audio mnemonics can also be implemented into longer campaign spots, which helps the mnemonic attach emotion and power of a spot into the subconscious of a consumer through heuristics. An audio mnemonic ties every campaign effort into one unique image that represents the brand's growing identity in the mind of the consumer.

Audio branding is the process of getting instant brand recognition through audio devices. In other words, it is a deliverable audio solution that conveys a brand’s identity.

The goals of audio branding:

Embody a company’s traits and message

Forming a comprehensive understanding of a brand is crucial to developing any audio branding solution. Our approach entails researching the characteristics that best represent a brand in the eyes of a consumer. We often supplement this process with science based research to promote factual evidence to supports our innovative ideas. This enables Musikvergnuegen to develop pioneering sound logos, while not neglecting market research and consumer focus, helping brands maintain their image into the future and not only for a short advertising cycle.

Establish pattern recognition

An audio solution is more than just a beautiful melody. It is essential for any audio brand to be “sticky.” Pattern recognition promotes a sonic logo's memorability and it helps consumers to develop key mental heuristics, such as the familiarity heuristic. A “sticky” melody facilitates the connection of a brand to the consumer, flagging the brand as familiar in the subconscious of the consumer. Research has shown that familiarity increases a consumer’s prospect of making a purchase by developing positive associations with a brand. Nothing promotes familiarity like stickiness. This is relevant because consumers also demonstrate negative associations with all brands or products that convey feelings of uncertainty and unfamiliarity, which an audio mnemonic would help to eschew.

Create positive associations

Consumer live in a world full of ambiguity and endless variety, and navigating the endless options and possibilities can instill fear and frustration in the consumer’s mind. Luckily, by developing positive associations with a specific choice over any possible alternatives, we are able to navigate through the options with greater personal satisfaction. Audio branding helps consumers to develop positive associations with brands. So, when a consumer makes a choice based on positive associations linked to the brand, the user receives greater personal satisfaction than in a situation of ambiguity. This inspires the consumers to familiarize themselves with the brand, further developing greater positive associations. It creates a seemingly endless loop of consumer satisfaction and attachment to a brand.

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