The Mythos Mozart Experience

Experience Mozart like Never Before

In the very space where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart breathed his last and crafted melodies that would enchant generations to come, we present an immersive experience that is nothing short of a melodic embrace. It’s here, amidst the lingering echoes of the profound Requiem, the enchanting Magic Flute, and the delicate strains of the Clarinet Concerto, that we invite you to traverse a pathway lit by artistry and innovation.

Join us in an odyssey where the timeless compositions of Mozart intertwine with the avant-garde creations of globally celebrated artists—Refik Anadol, Moritz Waldemeyer, Arash Riahi, and Walter Werzowa. You can experience an altogether new “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” arranged for 16 world instruments Mozart knew and dreamt about but never put his hands on. Together, they forge a tapestry that bridges epochs, intertwining the classical and the contemporary, breathing new life into the walls that witnessed musical masterpieces’ creation.                                                                                                                                        

The Music

Musical director, Walter Werzowa, intricately composed and arranged the audio environmentthat underlies the overall MYTHOS MOZART experience. This harmonious blend of timeless classics and auditory immersion complement the grandeur of the overall experience. With the vibrant energy of budding talent. , students from the venerable mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, our stars of tomorrow, joined this exclusive partnership breathing new life into the compositions. These recordings made at the Hofburgkapelle, The Synchron Stage Vienna and the Schönbrunn Palace Theatre are now available as an immersive album on Apple Music and streaming on all other major platforms.

Mozart's World

We’re not merely observers; we are participants in a vibrant confluence of art, technology, and legacy. Together, let us step into a world where every note penned by Mozart spirals into the future, carried forth by the bold and imaginative feats of today’s pioneering artists. You are not just witnessing an event; you are becoming a part of a melodic legacy that transcends time.

Feel the energy, immerse yourself in the visual spectacle, and allow your spirit to be lifted by the ethereal strains of Mozart, as we, with bated breath and heart full of excitement, become intertwined with the eternal resonance of genius.In this luminous melding of past and future, we celebrate not just Mozart, but the unyielding power of art to connect, inspire, and immortalize.

Let the Music Play On, Forevermore!

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