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The Mozart Experience

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The Mozart Experience
May 19th, 2021
Coming to Vienna 2022

MOZART! Imagine spending a day in Mozart's Vienna 1790, performing his work, slipping into the composer's creative mind, and experiencing his final resting place where he wrote his most celebrated masterpieces. Hans and Freddy Schmid, Owners of Steffl, invited us to musically guide a dream come true, authentic immersive experience, housed in the heart of Vienna opening end of Summer 2022.

World-renowned artists like Refik Anadol lend their mastery to elevate Mozart's genius in groundbreaking innovative ways, to become part of mesmerizing journey through Mozart's life.

The latest interactive sound and video technology creates a visitor experience for all the senses. The mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, is the exclusive partner for the musical interpretation of the Mozart Experience, in cooperation with the musical director, Walter Werzowa and Christopher Widauer, the artistic director of the project.

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