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About Us

Musikvergnuegen is an all-inclusive music resource offering a full compliment of services from original composition and sound design, music searches, supervision, licensing, audio branding, remixing and artist liaison.

We pride ourselves on making a difference in the marketplace through our benchmark sonic branding (including mnemonics for Intel - the most performed melody in broadcast, Samsung, Delta, Vodafone, Nokia, IBM, etc.), award-winning compositions (Mastercard, Sprite, Blue Cross, Microsoft, Ikea), orchestral depth (Troy, A.I., The Last Samurai, etc.), sound design (Toshiba, Cargill, Miller, Nike, etc.) to introducing marketers to up-and-coming as well as established performing artists interested in combining forces.

We respect a challenge and have the initiative, persistence and imagination to create win-win solutions time after time. We continue to innovate while expanding our branding and soundmark expertise to include in-depth research and testing, augmenting our licensing services year after year through our subsidiary Beyond, Inc. and living and breathing forward-thinking technology. The loyalty we have earned from the best in the business speaks volumes.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to putting our vast resources to work for you!

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