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About Us

Musikvergnuegen is an all-inclusive, award-winning music studio offering a variety of custom audio services, including audio branding, music composition & scoring, sound design, music supervision, licensing, remixing, and more.

We’ve revolutionized the marketplace through our benchmark sonic branding (including mnemonics for Intel - the most performed audio branding mnemonic and melody in broadcast history - Samsung, LG, T-Mobile, IBM, and many more). We combine in-depth research and testing with over 25 years of experience, to give brands and agencies the expertise needed to bring a company or brand's voice to the world. Our proven strategies optimize the success of each unique sound logo identity. From concept design to lasting brand recognition we support our client's vision through the transformation of brand attributes to a branded audio experience.

Along with our audio branding and sonic concepting expertise, our composers have created award-winning compositions for Mastercard, Discovery Channel, Sprite, Blue Cross, Microsoft, and Ikea, along with in-depth orchestral scoring, such as those seen in Troy, A.I., and The Last Samurai. Our sound design has been featured in Toshiba, Nike, Ford, Kia, Miller, and numerous other pieces worldwide.

Experts in audio branding, custom scoring and sound design for film, broadcast, advertising, and VR, we continue to innovate while expanding our sonic branding and audio logo soundmark expertise for over 25 years. Our team lives and breathes forward-thinking techniques and strive to provide the best possible audio experience for our clients. The loyalty we have earned speaks volumes.

We look forward to putting our vast resources to work for you!

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